Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Derek Bailey - First Company Concerts

One of the very nice teachers passed away last year. To his great memory, I share these Incus lps which are not yet reissued in cd format. So if anybody knows they are eligible for buying or any possibility to be reissued please let me know.
So here they are :

Company 1:
Derek Bailey, guitar,
Maarten Altena, bass,
Tristan Honsinger, cello,
Evan Parker, sax

recorded in London, May 9, 1976

Company 2:
Derek Bailey, guitar,
Anthony Braxton, reeds,
Evan Parker, sax

recorded in London, August 22, 1976

Company 3:
Derek Bailey, guitar,
Han Bennink, drums, perc, etc.

recorded in London, September 1976

Company 4:
Derek Bailey, guitar,
Steve Lacy, soprano sax

recorded in London, November 11, 1976

All the information could be taken from the European Free Improvisation Pages site.